::Yamada Ryosuke::

::Yamada Ryosuke::

Jumaat, 17 Jun 2011

.::LOTTE Ice “Gyu Gyutto“ Ryosuke::

Yamada Ryosuke honto ni KAWAIII!!!
 Yamada Ryosuke as ROMEO from "Romeo and Juliet"!! (>w<)in the new CM for Lotte's ice cream, "Gyu Gyutto"!
can i be your Juliet?? :D
hahaha XDD

in the cute commercial. Juliet is ingnored by Romeo *Yamada* 
during the play's infamous balcony scene
because he's too busy asking "Gyu Gyutto" why it tastes so smooth XD
hahahaa XDD
poor Juliet..

hahahahha XDD
okay i think that all..

bye bye..

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