::Yamada Ryosuke::

::Yamada Ryosuke::

Khamis, 31 Mac 2011

.::9nine / SHINING☆STAR::.


miageta sora hirogaru yume mirai no doa o akete
hikari ni taezu ima mo terasarete’ru

azayaka na sora mado o akereba sosogu sunshine
kaze ni furetara kinou no namida mo kiete

samishiku natte itsumo mienai hoshi o sagashite
sugu soba ni aru to kizukazu oimotomete ita
it’s a shining star

miageta sora hirogaru yume mirai no doa o akete
hikari ni taezu ima mo terasarete’ru
hoshizora ni wa mabataku yume kazoekirenu negai ga
ima kanau toki o machikogarete’ru kara arukidashite

wasurekakete’ta ano hi egaita sekai flashback
kioku no kakera iroasezu toki o koete

kurikaesu mainichi to yowaki na boku ni sayonara
fumidaseta no nara kono te ni tsukameru ki ga shita
it’s a shining star

kimi no negai bokura no yume chiribamerareta sekai
mirai o ima ni kae irozuite yuku
te o nobaseba todokisou na star yume no tsuzuki egaite
haruka tooi sora kawaranu omoi dake shinjite ite

miageta sora hirogaru yume mirai no doa o akete
hikari ni taezu ima mo terasarete’ru
hoshizora ni wa mabataku yume kazoekirenu negai ga
ima kanau toki o machikogarete’ru kara arukidashite

Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

::Bukit Merah::

Yo minna!!

Yesterday *15.03.2011*  my family and i went to Bukit Merah!!! Kyaaa!!! shugooiiiiii!! XDD We begin our journey at 5 pm and we arrive at Bukit Merah at 8 pm.~ achu, cik Os and Pak Endak already there~ after a few hour *i guess* Mak Lang arrive..~ it will make more fun! hehehe~ XD ~ at night..we celebrate Ina's birthday~ Mak endak already bought a cake~ Ureshiii!!! :3 ~ actually not just Ina's birthday~ hehehe~ we also celebrate Nana's Birthday~ ^.^v Nana's birthday is on this friday..~ we just celebrate early~ more people more fun ^^

 *Nana's Birthday Cake*

*Nana and Ina's Birthday cake* 

*Ina's Birthday cake*

*ready to blow the candles* 

*I,2,3 BLOW!!!* 

at midnight hasya and damia don't to sleep yet...~ so they told us a story.. -_-''*kind little bit like Bedtime Story* the story about ermm...i'm really not sure what they told us~ i think its about film Magika =='' *what the boring story* :P demo ne...i think everyone who heard two kids story they will be happy XDD after a few minute both two kids tired and sleepy~ i glad they two want to sleep..~my ear very sick heard their story XDD

next morning *16/03/2011* i woke up at 6:45 am..~ it because i want to go to bathroom~ XDD i went to upstairs and come into Mak Lang's kids room~ OMG..their room very cold~=='' they open the air con too higher -_-'' * so that the reason * plus, their also open fan =='' ~ their mom also told the same thing XDD after everyone woke..we dining breakfast~ we eaten nasi goreng~ while we were eating comes a few monkeys take our shoes =='' glad that monkey don't take my shoes <,<'' i think they take Damia's shoes XDD

*That monkey XDD*

After finish eating..~ we prepare ourselves to went to Laketown Resort~ kyaaaaa!!!subarashii!! its very long time not comes here XDD i also take a lot picture ^.^v 

*Laketown Hotel* 

*Welcome to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort* ^.^v

*hehehe~ Nothing* 

*Laketown Waterpark* 

*Haris and Hasya* 

*Damia* ^.^v

okay..i think that all
hope u all get a lot fun on yours holiday..~ ^.^v

bye bye..
~ always take care ~

Isnin, 14 Mac 2011

::Tsunami+Earthquake Situation::

Yo Minna!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! miss my blog >,< long time not update~ Gomen burogu :( ~ A lot things happen now..~ i'm to busy with exam, my camping and more!! >,< that why don't have time to update new things :( *now school break maybe i have some time to update new thing*~ more make me sad was...japan got earthquake and tsunami :'( ~OMG...its happen again...~ just like 7 years ago~ :((  i heard this news on the radio on the way to the Kuala Lumpur~ on 11.03.2011, Friday~i feel like i want to cry..thinking about my fandom..~it very sad >,< but..sometime i feel that Japan so Lucky..~a lot people make page "Pray For Japan"~

 this 8.9 earthquake was the biggest earthquake that ever hit Japan. It was a hundred times stronger than the Kobe earthquake in 1995 that killed more than 6000 people. But it happened out at sea, and at the moment – 6 hours after the quake – we know of 32 deaths. Yes, that’s terrible, but if this earthquake had happened only 230 miles to the southwest it would have hit the Tokyo/Yokohama area directly and we’d be talking about tens – possibly even hundreds – of thousands of deaths right now. Probably including a considerable number of people we all know.

this news i found at my friend's blog..*just copy all back*~ i also found this Johnny's.net

For Everyone Whose Worried. This Is All News Till Now.
Raiya Nakajima Might Have Been At The Epicenter Of The Earthquake When It Happened.
Rumors Of Mariya Being With Her Mom Flying Out Of The Country Before It Happened But Is Most Probably False.
Nakayama Yuma And Chinen Yuri Lost Their Homes.
Hikaru Yaotome (Sasaki)'s House Is Flooded.
Nakajima Yuto Is Currently Hospitalized And We Have No News Of How Bad He Was Hit.
Daiki Arioka And Yamada Ryosuke  Were Also Hurt And Sent To The Hospital But We Don't Know How Bad.
Nakayama Yuma Has A Small Injury.
We Currently Have No News From The Rest But They Are All Supposedly Okay.
88,000 Reported Missing, Over 300 Reported Dead, And Over 10,000 Reported Injured.
Also I Don't Know If It's Been Confirmed True But I Heard It Already Hit New Zealand, Coasts Of Russia, Small Bits Of The Coasts Of Philippines, Coastal Areas Like Papao In Indonisia, First Hit In Hawaii Already Too And Also It Will Continue To Hit Singapore, Rest Of Indonesia, Rest Of Philippines, China, Malaysia, Martial Islands, Coasts Of Australia, Canada, Alaska Coasts Of South America Including California.
Also The Hit Of The Tsunami In Kuala Lumpur Reported Before Was Confimed False.
Everyone Who Lives In The Areas I Mentioned Before Be Careful And Be Prepared, The Next Hit Will Most Probably Be The Rest Of Indonesia, The Rest Of Philippines, Singapore, China And Malaysia. It Willl Happen There Within The Next 7 Hours.
It Is Fully Confirmed It Will NOT Hit Africa, Central America, Europe, Arabian Gulf States, And Generally Everyone Who Doesn't Live Near The Pasific Oceanic Area In General.
That's All For Now.

UPDATE 11-4-11 1:55 AM JPT

There's Just Been News That Takaki Yuya, Kei Inoo, Hikaru Yaotome Are All Found Currently Together.
During The Quake Daiki And Yuma Were Together, Daiki Was Then Sent To The Hospital And Yuma Stayed Alone With His Family.
Yamada Ryosuke And Yabu Kota Were Together But Then Ryosuke Got Hurt And Was Sent To The Hospital And Yabu Was Left Alone.
Still No News From The Morimoto Family

UPDATE 11-4-11 3:04 AM JPT

Yabu Was Already Found And Is Okay.
The Story Is When The Quake Happened, Ryosuke Ran To See If His Family And Got Injured While Yabu Stayed Put And Was Found Okay.
Chinen Did The Same, He Was In A Safe Place When He Ran To See If His Family Was Okay And Got Injured Too. Luckily The Injuries Were Confirmed To Be Small.
And Yuma Stayed Put But Was Sadly Hurt Too But With Only small Injuries.
And Here Are Credits To Umi And Confimed By Miki Yoshida:

Yamapi,  Tegoshi Yuya, And Ryo Nishikido Are 100% safe. (the others seems to be safe also, but not 100% confirmed..)
Arashi are all safe (Aiba's house has caught on fire though)
Kanjani8 are safe
KAT TUN are safe including Jin (Though Ueda's house is damaged..)
All of Hey! Say! JUMP member safe, but Yuto is in hospital for minor injury (lastest news 2011.12 2:35, JFC confirm  Morimoto family Hokkaido trip is still missing no comunication yet)
V6 and  SMAP are all safe (not 100% sure about Miyake Ken )
NYC, reported okay before they seperated then the casualties mentioned earlies happened.
Ikuta Toma is safe.
Kis-My-Ft2 are all safe.
(Higashiyama Noriyuki, Matsushita Yuya, are safe and Youtome Hikaru's house in Sendai is totally finished)
 Hiroki Uci, Kusano Hironori, Fugiyama all safe~ 
Though Nagase injured a little

Also Now Its Been Annonced Smile Age Is Safe. Kureha Is Also Safe.  Oku Hanako Too. Everyone In Amuse And In D-Boys (+D2) Are Okay Too. 
Takaki, Hikaru, Inoo, And Hikaru's Family Are All Together And Safe.
Still No News From The  Morimoto Family, Still No One Is Able To Contact Them, They Already Headout For Hokkaido/Sapporo When It Happened.


Shintaro Morimoto Was On TV And Appears To Be Safe.
Everyone Says The Same For Ryutaro Morimoto But They're Not Sure Yet.
For The Tsunami, It Hit Papua In Indonesia, But I'm Pretty Sure Now From How Much I Watched The News The Tme I Disappeared It Won't.
And Same Goes For Singapore, Only Probably For Them Flooding But No Actual Tsunami.
Philippines Is The Same. The Tsunami Is Pulled Back Apparently So No One Has To Worry About Getting The After-Effects Of That.
Earthquake, Maybe Some Have To Worry But Very Little Chances It'll Spread.
Thats Finally Some Good News. XD

UPDATE 12-3-11 10:02 AM JPT- Wanna Know Why It Happened?

Well Remember All Those Lessons About "Tectonic Plates" You Took Back In The Years? For Me It Was Last Last Yeah Though, Meaning Grade 6. :/ Anyway, That's Basicly What Happened Here. The Eurasian Tectonic Plate Was Moving Inward All Those Past Years, Thus Creating So Much Pressure Between The Plates. The Past Years, All Those Earthquakes And Tsunamis Were A Result Of Tectonric Plates Moving.
In This Case, The Reason Why It Was Such A Big Eathquake And Tsunami Is Because There Was So Much Pressure Built Up Between The Eurasian Tectonic Plate And The Other Tectronic Plates, And The Eurasian Plate Just "Flicked" Back And Creating Such A Huge Wave And Earthquake Heading For Japan.
Why It Hit Japan First And Not The Countries On The Land Of The Continent You Ask? Well Usually When This Kind Of Thing Happens, The People On The Plate Aren't Supposed To Feel Anything Somallarily With How The Plates Move. But When It Flicked Back, It Created A Huge Wave Heading For Japan Since Its Right Next To It And Is A Country On Its Own. Thus The Huge Tsunami For Japan With The Huge Earthquake.
The Reason Why Sendai Got Hit The Most And The Rest Of The Countries At The East Of Japan Is Because Thats Where Its Facing The Rest Of Eurasia. 
Well That's Practically All The Explanation. :P Get It Now? XD

Also For Anyone Who Wants Yuto Updated His Blog!

UPDATE 12-3-11 11:43 AM JPT

Morimoto Family Are Definitly Safe, The Reason why Shintaro Was On TV And Not Ryutaro Was Because Ryutaro Was Crying Because He Almost Lost Natsume (His Little Sister.)
Even Though Hikaru, Takaki, Inoo Were All Found And Safe  Hikaru's Family Still Has Yet To Be Known If They're Safe Or Not.

UPDATE 12-3-11 12:51 PM JPT

Ryosuke Was Found Running Out Of His House Crying At The Time, He Just Managed To Save His Pets. His Little Sister Mika Is Missing, She Went Out To Another Prefecture With Her Friends Before It Happened, And Till Now No One Has Found Her Yet.
Masuda Takahisa Is Alright, His Family's House Is Just Destroyed.
Yamapi Is Injured, He Was In A Car Accident, And His Pet Is In The Vet.
Also Everyone In Amuse And D-Boys (+D2) Are Safe.
Just Now I Read Of Somewhere Gackt's Company Confirmed Gackt Is Safe.
And Here's A List Of All The JEs That No One Can Contact Till Now, If They're Not On The List Then They're Most Probably Fine:
Ryosuke Hashimoto
Yuya Otsuka
Aoi Chino
Daiki Shigeoka
Shota Totsuka
Shota Watanabe
Masahiro Nakai
Kento Nakajima
Tatsuya Fukasawa
Koichi Goseki
Ryuhei Maruyama
Tomohiro Kamiyama
Ryo Hashimoto
Sakayu Kimura
Shingo Katori
Aoi Okada
Bunichi Hamanaka
Ryo Masuda
Shinpei Takemoto
Tatsuya Yamaguchi
Yuki Haba
Ryoichi Tsukada
Casey Takeshi Anderson
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Masashi Ito
Junichi Okada
Shigeru Joshima
Taichi Kokubun
Tomoya Nagasa
Yoshihiko Inohara
Keigo Hagiya
Gorou Inagaki
Akito Kiriyama
Shintaro Kishimoto
Yoshihiro Yodogawa
Toshiya Miyata
Masahiro Kikuoka
Kunta Yamasaki
Hikaru Iwamoto
Ryuta Muro
Jesse Lewis
Kentaro Yasui
Nozomu Kotaki
Ryusei Fujii
Takahiro Hamada
Tatsuki Muro
Rikito Murata
Yuto Shingaki
Junta Nakama
Yuki Nozawa
Daichi Nakata
Ryohei Abe
Kazuyori Fujiie
Kei Kurita
Daisuke Ishigaki
Daisuke Sakuma
Yuki Haba
Fumito Kawai
Mizuki Inoue
Taiga Kyomoto
Shoki Morohoshi
Kento Senga
Ryota Miyadate
Reia Nakamura
Kenichi Okamoto

when i heard this news...it very make me sad...heard about Yamada.., Chinen...Yabu..Hikaru...and other HSJ member..~ but i'm glad that Yuya Matsushita was safe~ he written on his official blog that he fine~ he also sad..what happen in Japan..~ *we all sad too* >,<  lastly...i don't heard news about Okamoto Keito..~ is he safe?? :( no one know about it..~ i wish everything alright~

I think that all..~
i wish Japan will be fine soon..~
~Please Pray For Japan~

bye bye