::Yamada Ryosuke::

::Yamada Ryosuke::

Rabu, 11 Mei 2011


Yo Minna~

Today teacher Hasnul Huda ask us to do essay..~ hmmm...essay? i really not good doing this essay ._. Teacher give us a topic and we must write an essay...~ first topic is about our favorite day in a week..~ hmm...my favorite day in week..i think..maybe friday xD because I don't have to go to school xDD and also I can rest hole in the day..sleep, watching a television, online facebook, and more..i guess (~.~)

second topic teacher give us is...continue a story..~ i think not one choose this xD next topic is..."A Person I Admire Most" xDD i think this everyone favorite topic xDD i choose this topic..~ i think this easy to make an essay..right? the person i admire is..of course MY YAMADA RYOSUKE!! kyaaa!! teacher say i can put an artist i like~ Yin Hang write about his favorite artist too..~ he write about MJ (Michael Jackson)~ so i will write story about my favorite artist too :3 Syamin also take a same topic too..~ she write story about her sister..~ now her sister stay at Arab..~ she be a doctor..~ that why Syamin choose her sister as her admire..~ i think that a good choose Syamin..~ keep it on :)

next topic..i think sound like " do not judge people from outside" *i guess la* i think this also not one choose it xDD and the last topic.."Smoking"~ just that? -.-'' only one word..~ this very hard than i thought (_ _'') but..a lot student choose this topic..~ maybe they think easy to do it.. =.='' for me..it very hard..~ we must doing 350 words!! <,<'' wow!! very a lot..~ my idea die now..~ i choose topic 3..maybe it will be easy one..~ just story about my admire..~ and teacher say if we choose about admire..we must know a lot thing about our admire..~ hmmm...maybe i can do this!! Yosh!! Gambatte!!!

Write essay about Yamada Ryosuke..~ hmmm..i think not very hard..~ just say what i know about Atashi no Ichiban..~ that all..~ but... i need a lot point about Yamada life..~ i already write 1-2 paragraph..~ not bad right xDD better than zero.. xDD  tonight...at my school have discourse..~ their topic is..about Mother's Day..~ sigh..~ Mother's Day huh? i'm very lazy to go there...~ i still have a lot homework to do..~ Sejarah, Essay..and more..~ =.='' must be tired nee?? i hope that discourse will finish early..~ maybe i will have some time to do my home work~

okay than..a think that all for today :)
sore dewa..matta nee..~

bye bye..~

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